Management Development Program Employees visit NYSE

CFO Andy Lampereur recently took a group of Actuant's Finance Management Development Program members to see what life as a public company on Wall Street is like. They spent about a half-a-day at the Wells Fargo Industrial investor conference followed by a tour of the New York Stock Exchange and dinner with Actuant's Wells Fargo investment bankers.


At the NYSE, our “specialist” on the trading floor talked through how they provide oversight and liquidity throughout the day to facilitate trading transactions that occur on the exchange. There are many buy/sell transactions that take place off of the exchange as well –as the desire for privacy by investors has increased. The development program members experienced how the floor of the exchange is as much of a TV studio for networks like CNBC as it is anything else. According to FMDP member, “It was interesting learning the history of the New York Stock Exchange and seeing how much technology has changed the process over time."


At our dinner, five different bankers talked about their educational background and career advice. Interestingly, while some of the bankers shared their traditional Ivy League MBA experience, two were liberal arts majors and one started in the military. They all talked about the early career learning & development programs at the banks that they joined as being a critical foundation to their success.


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